National Bank of Pakistan Bishkek Branch announces on the implementation of a new service – «Instant payments» through the Internet banking system. The service allow to carry out non-cash payments from the account in favor of various organizations, in a matter of seconds to replenish the mobile phone account, pay utilities, Internet providers, television services and much more.

To do this, it is enough to connect to the Internet banking system, specify your KGS account, select the necessary service and make payment. It should be noted that the connection to Internet banking system and the «Instant payments» service are free of charge, and the ability to make payments on-line significantly saves time, making the payment process more convenient and accessible within 24 hours.

The main advantage of Internet banking is convenience, easiness of connection, easiness of use, which allows you to forget about the trouble of visiting a bank and unnecessary paperwork. This advantage allows many practical people who value their time open a bank account and manage it through the Internet. Mutual payments between the client and the bank are carried out in real time. The client can control all stages of processing payment documents in the bank on the screen of his computer or mobile phone.

The simplicity of the procedure for connecting to Internet banking is that you only need a bank account and a bank service contract in the Internet banking system. In addition, this service makes it possible not to be afraid of mistakes in filling out payment orders, since the system carefully monitors the correctness of filling out the documents and indicates errors.

Protection of transmission information from unauthorized access is ensured by encryption using the SSL protocol of the international cryptography format.

For consultation on the connection, please call: +996 (312) 62-47-21 (104, 105, 106, 107), +996 (555) 62-47-21

If you have any questions about the system, please call: +996 (312) 62-47-14, +996 (312) 62-47-21 (121)