Bishkek Branch of National Bank of Pakistan declares about sale of following Bank’s property and calls for sealed bids from the interested parties.
Property Details
Four story Commercial premises (Basement, Ground floor,1st floor, 2nd floor) situated at 84-Moskovskaya street, Bishkek. Total covered area 826 Sq. M.
Terms and Conditions
1. Property is offered for sale in its current condition without any changes.
2. Interested parties (companies/firms/individuals) can visit the property till August, 23, 2021 during business hours i.e. from 09.00 AM till 5.00 PM through contact person Mr. Victor Mikhail Ph. No. 0555-765363.
3. Last date of submission of sealed bids is August 23, 2021till 5.00 PM.
4. Bidding parties must deposit USD 5,000.00 as earnest money with Bishkek Branch of National Bank of Pakistan at the time of submission of sealed bid.
5. Sealed bids will be collected at Bishkek Branch and dispatched to NBP, Head Office, Karachi, where the authorized body and / Task Force will open and announce the successful bidder.
6. Bids will be opened on August 31, 2021 but subject to timely receipt of bids at NBP, Head Office, Karachi. Interested parties can participate the Bids opening process through Zoom link that can be shared with the bidder on their provided email address.
7. After obtaining the internal approvals, the Bank will inform the successful bidder within 07 days from the date of bids opened. Initial acceptance of Bid will be subject to final approval of the Board of Directors of NBP Head Office, Karachi.
8. Parties must full fill Bank’s requirement pertaining to KYC / Due diligence, i.e. parties have to give the certification about their resources in their bids for purchase of building to avoid any future litigation.
9. Upon intimation, the Successful bidder will depositadditional 5 % of the bidsamount within 7 working days of intimation, whereas remaining bid’s amount will be deposited within 60 days of the intimation of acceptance of his bid by the Board of Directors of National Bank of Pakistan, Head Office Karachi, Pakistan.
10. The successful bidder will execute an additional agreement with the Bishkek branch of National Bank of Pakistan regarding deposited earnest money to ensure that he donot back out from the bid.
11. Unsuccessful bidders will be returned their earnest money / deposit after completion of the process of acceptance/ rejection of bids or during 30 days from the last date of bid submission.
12. Successful bidder will bear all the expenses like, Sales Tax, Registration charges and/or any other applicable charges/taxes under laws of Kyrgyz Republic.
13. Sale deed will be executed in favor of the successful bidder and / or his authorized person after approval of bid by the Board of Directors of NBP Head office, Karachi, Pakistan and subject to completion of all relevant local legal formalities,payment of remaining bid amount and all applicable charges. Date/time of handing over of the premises will be agreed at the time of execution of sale deed.
14. Bank reserves the right to reject/cancel any and / or all the bids without giving any reasons at any time.
15. Sealed bids containing offered price, evidence of deposit of Earnest money, copy of Passport, Copy of TIN, Name, Address be sent to “The Head, Task Force, Governance and Compliance Division, International, Financial Institutions and Remittances Group, 13th Floor, National Bank of Pakistan, Head Office, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan” should be delivered at following address on or before August 23, 2021, till 5.00 PM.

Muhammad Amin
General Manager, Bishkek Branch of
National Bank of Pakistan
84-Moskovskaya street, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.