The Bank will send you information on financial operations on your bank accounts. Messages will be sent right after making financial operations with your account.

There can be delays in receiving of SMS notifications by holder in some cases, for example at temporary inaccessibility. It depends on particular properties of sending SMS notifications by operators of mobile communication.

Mobile SMS notification service

Service of SMS notification is a simple and convenient SMS service allowing getting information of all operations on bank accounts and other operations through mobile telephone at your convenience.

All operations under the service of Mobile Banking are carried out through forming and sending of SMS notifications to a special number of operator of mobile communication.

Sending of SMS inquiries to noted numbers are paid in connection with rate plan of operator of mobile communication.

You may easily and quickly get information of all operations and get aware of your bank accounts balances.

Balance enquiry

It is necessary to form and send SMS notification with code words «BALANCE» to a special number of operator of mobile communication for getting information on your bank accounts balances.

Bank will send you an instant SMS notification on current balances on your accounts in reply.

Important information:

SMS notification will not be sent in case of error in number or code word.

Blocking of mobile SMS notification service at loss of mobile telephone

In case you lose your mobile telephone you should block Mobile SMS notification service at Bank help service by number 0 312 624 721 (ext.121) for exclusion opportunity of receiving information over your bank accounts by the third parties.

Besides you should address operator of your mobile communication for blocking your mobile telephone number.

How can I connect to the service?

  • It is necessary to fill in a set application form.
  • To sign an additional agreement with the Bank.
  • The service is provided according to the Bank rates.

Tariffs and conditions:

Strong request to take a look with our current tariffs in chapter “Tariffs”.

We will very glad to see you among our users of our new service.

In case of arising of questions don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone numbers:

+996 (312) 62-47-21 (ext. 104, 105, 106, 107, 121)